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Champion City Alphas Lineage

AS 13 Unconquerable Souls of The Phrozen Renaissance

Nov 6, 2021

Thomas Garcia

Ezra Hightower

Donnell Walters

Christian Anderson

Wilfert Lee

Daniel Watts

Duane Foster

Taderio Cassel

Donald Brown Jr

James Mackey

Christopher Warner

Justin Murray

Joshua Ramsey

A.S. Three Wise Men - December 21, 2019

Anthony McCaa
Victor Moyegun
Eric Barsh

A.S. Three Phrozen Brothers The Hard Way- November 10, 2018

Rashaad Adams
James Horne
Richard Dix

A.S. Conflict and Controversy - November 5, 2016
Jonathan Weathersby
Adam Sandifer
Daniel Hill
Timothy Chambers
Oliver Keys
Jeffery Williams

A.S. Octagonians Worth The Distance Run - November 21, 2015
Charles Steward
Raun Merritt
Christopher Ishmon
Jeremiah Carter
Malcolm Houston
David Watts
Joseph Williams
Rodney Mosquito

A.S. Eyes On The Prize - November 22, 2014
Nick B. Sims
Marcus G. Merritt
Kyron D. Cox
Crispin H. Garza
Johnson Durosier
Kourtney F. Teat

A.S. Emergent Evolution - April 21, 2012
Fred Riley

A.S. A Trinity of Men Implementing Change - November 6, 2010
Leslie McCorkle,
Jessie Showers III
Darius Brown-Young

A.S. Climatic Change No Soul On Ice - March 29, 2009
Robert Francis
Rodney McGee

A.S. Into The Sighted World - March 10, 2007
Pierre Smith
Maurice Murray
Tony Patterson
David Ladipo


Andre Watkins

A.S. Limited Edition - April 4, 2005

Karlos Olglesby
Mike Sankey

A.S. Entreat Me Knot - November 27, 2004
Craig Glover
Nick Powell
Patrick Rice

A.S. Determination III - November 16, 2002
Kwa Mister
Damon Jones
Charles Easley

A.S. Subzero - April 15, 2000
Jeremy L. Harmon
Antonio G. Webb

A.S. Robert's Rule of Order - November 13, 1999
Earl M. Winfrey, III

December 19, 1995

Israel Melendez

Derrick Ross

Larry Ross

March 2, 1992
Michael Holmes
Weldon Young

Kevin Green
Percy McKinney
Robert Eubanks
James Randolph

Nov 8, 1980
Reginald M. Philips

William C. Lloyd
Edward Smith
Terry Lewis
Alan Reeves
Lavick Williams
Hezekiah Webb

April 3, 1969
Wallace Carson
Bill Ray
Curtis Mason
Jerome Jackson
Stanley Burns

Scott Randolph  LM #196
Charles Tigue
James Little

Kermit Jeffers
Thurmon Young
Damon Carter

* Date Unknown: Joe Harrison

Champion City Alphas

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